Wedding Ceremony


Whether your wedding ceremony is traditional or contemporary, religious or civil, in a church, hotel, club, or garden, choose a LoveNotes Minister to tie the knot because… No one helps you say ‘I Do’ better than we do!

Click here first to submit your agreements and make your $125 deposit. Then pay your minister balance below. $125 is your total deposit to LoveNotes and $225 is due to your minister.


LoveNotes Ministers / Officiants can perform the following ceremonies:

Traditional – Christian, religious ceremony with biblical scripture readings, traditional vows and religious blessings

Contemporary – Christian, semi-religious ceremony with biblical principles, contemporary Christian vows and religious blessings

Civil – Non-religious, civil ceremony with secular readings, non-traditional vows and non-religious blessings

Short and Sweet – Short, secular ceremony with very sweet, sentimental vows and romantic readings with non-religious blessings

Second Time Around – Semi-religious ceremony with appropriate vows, readings and blessings for couples who have been previously married

All in the Family – Semi-religious ceremony with appropriate vows, readings, blessings and special touches that include children in the ceremony

Interfaith – Jewish/Christian ceremony that includes traditions, scriptures and vows from both the Jewish and Christian faiths

Interdenominational – Ceremonies that include elements from each of the Bride’s and Groom’s church denomination such as Catholic/Protestant, Baptist/Methodist, Lutheran/Greek Orthodox, Episcopal/Presbyterian, etc.

Multicultural – Ceremonies that celebrate your heritage with traditions and rituals from each of the Bride’s and Groom’s cultures or races

Bilingual (Spanish/English) – Traditional (religious) or Civil (non-religious) bilingual ceremonies that include hispanic traditions such as the Bible, Coins, Lasso and Veil

Marriage Vow Renewal – Recommitment ceremony with appropriate vows, readings and blessings for couples who are renewing their love and committment

Elopement – I do’s for two

LoveNotes Officiants also perform ‘special ceremonies’ for your wedding.